My Second, and Last Pregnancy

All things being equal, I thought I would write a wrap up post, like I did for the last time. Here is the first one: The Whole Kit & Kaboodle.

We start off this journey with, Let’s Celebrate! Where I announced the anticipated arrival of our second child. After that I didn’t update the blog on the pregnancy until we found out the gender. Tisk-tisk! You can read all about that fun here: Pink or Blue Drink For You?

Shortly after that I was half way through the entire experience. Which is crazy town, but I guess will happen when you don’t feel well for 16 weeks. I wrote Half Way Through with #2 for your update. It was long and it was also the debut of my belly shots. I still can’t believe I pulled those off the entire time!

Suddenly, I was 28 Weeks with #2. Here I lament a little about not being able to experience this one as wide eyed as I did the first.

Next, 34 Weeks with #2. In this one I feel as though the whole pregnancy is passing me by, and I’m still upbeat and excited.

Then, the super amazing second shower happened: Baby Boy Shower Love. Talk about feeling the love. I still smile when I reread that post.

After that is a post where I’m trying to be funny. It’s titled Say Whaaaat!? ‘Cause I couldn’t believe all the major differences in both pregnancies AND I was, seriously, the clumsiest person I have ever known!

Since I had been upbeat (for the most part) I decided to write a post about all the stuff no one talks about. Because it was ALL I was living in, or so I thought, at the time. Read The Underbelly and you will see what I mean.

38 Weeks 4 Days With #2 was the last post with belly pics. Those didn’t turn out so bad. They are some of my favorites. Which is interesting considering the pain I was in.

Lastly, I got a wild hair and wrote about all the crazy things I was hoping to get done before Cecito arrived. In The Final Countdown! I confess all the craziness that I’m hoping to accomplish. Happily I can report that I got through most of it. I believe I was 2 meals shy of my original list, but the biggest thing was seeing the musical. I LOVED it! Oh yea, and I admitted we finally decided on a name. Man, did that take forever, but it was worth it.

You can read Our Second Birth Story and all about Breastfeeding: Part Deux, for the official wrap up. Oh, and let’s not forget Family + Maternity Pictures. Those are always fun. It took me a long time to edit and chose the best ones.

Since this wouldn’t be complete without a pictorial review, here you go!