The Final Countdown!

Yes, you should be reading that in your head to Europe’s catchy tune!

Tomorrow I’m officially 39 weeks. It’s a busy week, and as I said in the last post, I think that baby boy is waiting on Grammy and Papi to arrive on Thursday. That is a good thing.

My biggest day is tomorrow. Let the cleaning lady in at 7am, did I mention I got a groupon because I just cannot clean anything more than I have to this past month? It is so difficult to just bend over or get up from the floor I’m wiped by making the dang bed! Then, I drop off L.L. at her preschool/daycare. Come home for a few minutes, just to head out to my chiropractor appointment (thank goodness it’s only 10 streets away). Get home to be there before the cleaning lady leaves. Bask in the glory of my newly cleaned home (that I didn’t have to do myself). Pick up L.L. after a shower (yay)! Lastly, go to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. << This is the most exciting! I’ve been waiting since high school to see it and couldn’t be happier that I have made it this far with the pregnancy to get to see it. Now, I just need to be able to sit all the way through it!

Wednesday, I will make freezer meals after I drop off L.L. at preschool/daycare. I’m planning to make 5 meals, we will see how many I get through. Normally it’s hard for me to get through dinner prep. There’s also a grocery run somewhere before all that prep that’s gotta happen. Lord, help me! After all that, we will have a short visit with Gil’s old friend visiting from out of town, then, I’m sure I will pass out.

Thursday, the in-laws arrive and I have L.L. so that will be a fun day. Let’s hope I make it that far. What do you think? I’m taking all bets now.

p.s. We finally decided on a name this weekend! That makes me feel like we are actually ready for the little buggar to arrive.