The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

Here is the final wrap up – only 4 months after the fact! Since I didn’t get to a post about my third trimester, because things were just too cra-cra (as the kids say, I gotta start getting in on the lingo now), I decided to do a complete review. Finally, a complete review of my first pregnancy – you were all on pins and needles, I’m sure.

Let’s start off with my denial that it happened during our second month of “trying”. Since I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), was already 35, and just stopped taking ‘the pill’ I was certain it would take at least 6 months. Nope! I took two home pregnancy tests; one on Sunday and the other on Monday morning – it was official – we were going to be parents! See our first ultrasound pics here. So exciting and unbelievable, we were elated. I did have some complications to deal with, tho. You can read all about it in this post: My First Trimester. You can also read about choosing a doctor and what I went through here: Are You My Doctor.

Next was my first flutter in November. You can feel the excitement in this post: Pitter Patter & Flutter.

Then, we had a cake party to see what the gender was. It was awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone expecting a baby, especially your first! See the party in all it’s glory here: We’re Having… A Cake Party! There is a video half way down the page that is sure to make you smile – be sure not to miss it while you scroll.

In December, I had a run in with the cutest kid: Little Boy at the Café. And let’s not forget about the weight gain roller coaster my doctor put me through. Read about that here: Gained What!?

In January, I turned 36 – I know, I don’t look a day over 21, do I? And I wrote a review on My Second Trimester.

Next was DIY Maternity Pictures. These were fun! I highly recommend doing this and hope you end up with some shots that you love. With this link I’m going back to the old blog, because I could do slide shows with that one and it looks better than the long string of pictures.

Then, I got crazy sick and felt like I wasn’t ever going to get better. Here is a recount: Sick In My Third Trimester. It was nutty and I still remember sitting up at night feeling miserable, wondering if it would ever end. It lasted about the whole month of March, which is when I had to stop doing yoga, too. I wanted to participate in exercise my whole pregnancy, but that didn’t work out for me. It was disappointing and I am pretty sure I didn’t feel quite as good as I could have after that, but what can you do? I was still walking Domingo most days, so at least I was getting out of the house!

Lastly, we had a perfect little girl! Here is the post about her birth: April 5th Was Our Day.

AND just in case you missed more pictures of the little princess you can always check out these posts, too!

Our Little Love – another one from the old blog style

Momma Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Me

That is that! All in all I consider myself to be one lucky lady with this first pregnancy of mine. I wasn’t comfortable, but I wasn’t in great pain either. I still stand by my advice to do as much activity and exercise as you can, because it will only help you, especially in the long run. Read books, ask every mother you know anything you can think of, find out whatever you can before that baby comes. ‘Cause once that bundle arrives you aren’t going to want to learn anything, holding that special package is all you will have on your mind.

Here is a pictorial recap of my stages. The number in the corner of each picture indicated the week I was in the pregnancy.

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