Little Boy at the Café

Last night I went to a Cooking Demo at Café 21, downtown, and ended up with quite a fun story when I got home. It’s simple, short and sweet:

As I approached the bathroom a lady went in and left her little boy waiting for her outside. He was very excited and amped up, like most kids are; bouncing around and unable to stand still. When he noticed me it was fleeting, until he looked at my belly and you could tell a spark went off, and he stood really still.

A few second later he’s still looking at me, walks very close to me (about 2 inches away) and taps on my hand. I look down and smile at him to say,”Yes?”

Then he whispers (with his hand cupping his mouth),

“I don’t mean to, to invade on your, um, your privacy. But are you having a [pause] baby?”

He still has his face right at my belly, but looks up with interest and hope that he isn’t getting himself into trouble.

My heart melted and I’m thinking my eyes lit up. It was the first time someone had asked me if I was expecting! I was extremely pleased it was from this cute little boy.

I responded with,

“Well, YES, I am! In just about 4 months.”

Plus, I am willing to bet I was grinning from ear to ear.

Then his mother came out of the bathroom and he ran to her and grabbed her hand, while starting to jump up and down.

And said,

My Mom is, too! My Mom is, too!!

How freaking cute!?!?!?!

Not only was it about the most adorable thing I had witnessed in a LONG time, but I no longer look like I am just eating too many cookies! Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “Little Boy at the Café”

  1. That is adorable! I saw a shirt once on a lady that said “this isn’t a beer belly. this is my child”

  2. That is a precious little boy and what fun. I am so glad you made that little boys day too. Blessings come in little package.xoxo

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