Second Trimester

What to say about my second trimester experience…well, it certainly wasn’t without its perks and low points. Looking back, I can definitely say that it was probably the best out of the three, even though I am barely into the third. It’s already more uncomfortable than I had imagined. Plus, from what I hear, it only gets worse along the way.

More energy
Sleeping better
Less trips to the ladies room
Starting to feel like you look pregnant, instead of plump
Feeling the baby move

Back pain
Feeling like there isn’t enough space in your body for two
Starting to gain weight more rapidly

As you can probably tell, I had some issues with back pain. It was most definitely the worst part about the second trimester. Before getting pregnant I had issues with my back, but this was different; it went from the ball of pain at the base of my spine to a shooting pain down my bum.

My answer to this problem was yoga and walking. It took about two months, but eventually I got it under control. There were times when I didn’t feel like doing either, but I knew I had to do something to try to make the pain subside. Walking was always the hardest. I would feel like the baby was extra low and heavy to the point where I needed to hold my stomach up. About half or two-thirds of the way through it, I would feel better and I knew the walk had helped. However, there were several times when I would make it through the whole walk still feeling bad; still, knowing it was necessary and I always felt a little better once I got home.

Next was tackling heartburn, my advice to everyone on this one is to start on the tums (or whatever you choose to take) early when you feel heartburn coming on and begin with taking just one. As long as that works for you, there will come a time when you will need more to combat the burn. When that happens you will be happy you waited to double up, because it will still work for you.

Best Piece Of Advice I Can Pass Onto You: STAY ACTIVE! Even though you don’t feel like it and it might not feel great, you will be glad you did afterwards. It’s not easy, believe me, I know…but it seriously helped me out a ton.

I am on par to gain a healthy amount of weight (I’m in the middle of the 25-35 lb. range for my estimated total) and now that I have kept it up I am not feeling the shooting pain down my leg. Plus, now that I am in the third trimester and feeling the real uncomfortableness I can tell you that I am even happier I have kept this up. It’s not fun, but worth it. Promise.