28 weeks!

We are actually in the 29th week, but I am just now getting back to posting, so here it is! Twenty-eight weeks and I cannot believe that we have already come so far. Baby girl with be with us faster than we can blink.


28 weeks!
preview of baby's wall & me!

4 thoughts on “28 weeks!”

  1. Look at you! I love the baby’s room colors you chose! Beautiful!

    I had dinner with Debbie Wiggs the other night and you were the topic of discussion for a while. She’s so happy for you! Do you mind if I share your link with her?

    1. Thanks Tammy! We are starting to feel like we are finally getting a little prepared for her arrival. I’m glad you like the colors, I really didn’t want them to be all pink since that is about all you can purchase for a girl these days. 😉

      Share away and please let her know I said hello.

  2. Lookin gorgeous Gwenie! Lovin the stripes. Can’t wait to see the end result. One thing we haven’t talked about… the room. xoxo

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