Momma Can’t Stop Taking Pictures of Me

Daddy likes to cover my head with the blanket ALL the time. 5/5/2012
Tummy Time In My Crib. 5/1/2012
Daddy’s Favorite Little Face
Daddy sure knows how to make the most of my best asset (my hair)!
Tiny Feet
Sock Monkey Love
Tummy Time!
Taking A Breather During Tummy Time.
Hmmmm, What Is That Tiny Green Thing?
Ahhh – Finally, My Arms Are FREEEEEE!
Happy Play Time!
Still Loving The Mobile!
Nap Time on Momma’s Lap
Cutest Little Bundle
Playing on Momma’s Lap
My Best Kewpie Doll Impression

1 thought on “Momma Can’t Stop Taking Pictures of Me”

  1. She is adorable! No wonder her mamma can’t stop taking pictures of her!

    I am impressed that you were able to get pictures of her looking agreeable during tummy time. Most babies I have met HATED tummy time and used all their effort to roll themselves over, screaming the entire time.

    You definitely have a keeper!!!

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