The Magic of a Daddy

I’m getting better, only 5 days after the lovely holiday – Father’s Day! We had a great time with this one, too. Your first is always fun, tho, right?

First we got up and went on a surprise trip to a local nursery called City Farmers, it’s the coolest place to buy all things gardening and farm. Check it out by the link here, if you like. I highly recommend. My gift idea was to get supplies for the hubs to make a vertical planter. He had been talking about doing this for some time now and I knew if I didn’t just get him everything to make it, it would forever be an idea on a list.

When I first visited this place, the guy that owns it explained how he doesn’t carry the “pockets” you usually see in stores because they are crazy expensive and you can make a vertical garden for under $20 (he had just made one). In his words, he doesn’t like the people who want to make money on “people’s dreams”. He’s the cutest and most helpful person I have come across in a store recently. He explained how to do it and said if I brought back the hubs he would explain again and get us all set up. Which is just what we did!

The hubs loved it and he will soon be outside sweating it up making our side yard look pretty! Another little gift, a note card just for Daddy, from L.L.

L.L.’s got some pretty rad taste, wouldn’t ya say?

Next, we went to lunch at a place nearby called The Blind Lady Ale House, it’s got great pizza and even better beers! What better place for a new dad to celebrate? We had a great time and even L.L. woke up for some fun times of being intrigued by the reclaimed wood on the walls. Does it get better for a 10 week old?

Then, we went home to get the pup. It’s only fair for us to let him help us celebrate. So, we walked to Yog-art (they don’t have a website, so you’ll have to believe me about how good they are) and had ourselves some yummy dessert and a stroll around our neighborhood.

That was our Father’s Day, we celebrated the new amazing Dad and hope that he enjoyed it as much as we did. We love you, more than words can say…

SO cute in her bow headband!
Celebratory Flight Selections at BLAH
Happy Daddy & Daughter Day!
A Tuckered L.L.
Upset in her carrier until she found out we were getting yogurt (the dessert kind – duh!)
Dad’s Day Pic!

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  1. Thanks SO much for coming to the nursery for your special weekend! Your family is adorable, and we hope that the vertical planter brings you lots of relaxation, beauty and nutritious, yummy food!

    Hope to see you again soon,
    The City Farmers Nursery Family

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