34 Weeks with Baby #2

Seriously, could this pregnancy be going any faster!? I feel like I have missed most of it. Even though, that isn’t true, I just haven’t and the time to think about it. Much less dwell on the negatives or positives.

This time around everything has been intensified. My moods, my pain, the baby movement and the gas. Yep! I said it, I burp and hiccup at every turn. It’s so fun. What hasn’t intensified is my loss of memory. For some reason I got dumb at the beginning and it hasn’t felt like I’m as dumb as the last time – score! Now, don’t get me wrong, I still feel as dumb as rocks, at times. Plus, I forget what I’m saying at the most inopportune time, but maybe that’s just me? I could have come into this with Mommybrain anyway. No matter what, I feel good about not totally losing my brain, like I felt the last time!

Knock on wood, my back hasn’t been terrible. What has been are my hips. Just yesterday I thought they were going to fall out of the socket, especially the right one. My joints ache and oh the pelvis pain! Did you know that with each child your pelvis will feel more bruised each time? Yuck! Apparently it’s common and I can’t say its an appreciated aspect of the miracle of life.

However, life will go on and the baby will keep kicking, punching, jabbing, hiccuping, and pushing his way outside of my ribs…really whatever he wants to do. The other night I jumped while laying in bed, having almost fallen in that sweet sweet slumber, because I could have sworn he was using some appendage to scrap against my bladder. Now, that’s an active baby, folks!

So, let’s move on to the amount of times I use the bathroom. That hasn’t changed since the last time. I got a little reprieve during the second trimester, but it’s back in full force now. Sometimes it’s quite literally every half hour. Then, at night, recently I have woken up 5 times to pee – FIVE TIMES! How is that possible?

Oh well, at least this pregnancy is getting me ready for when the nursing begins. While truthfully, I love (almost) all of the movement the little guy is doing, maybe not the ones that wake me up. Here are some pics!

DSC_0613DSC_0677DSC_0680DSC_0698 - Version 2DSC_0702 - Version 2DSC_0704 - Version 2DSC_0710