28 weeks with #2

With your first pregnancy everything is special. You are wide eyed at all the new experiences and each tiny change is such a big deal that you forget about life outside of the pregnancy.

When you are pregnant for the second time you know everything is changing, but there is little time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I keep trying to do just that, but it usually isn’t until the end of the day when the hubs and I sit down to relax that it happens.

This babe is definitely active! I’ve been seeing my stomach move for quite a while now. Most things feel as though they are happening earlier than last time, but I haven’t had time to re-read my old posts to know for sure. I never felt a flutter, just little jabs that are now kicks and punches to shake you from the inside. It’s actually the part of this process that I look forward to the most. Almost all day I feel movement and I am trying to take notice and appreciate them. Since the plan is that this will be the last kiddo.

Let’s see, other things that I have been experiencing is more heart burn (awesome), tiredness (even better), slowly loosing the ability to tie my shoes without a struggle (pretty funny), and the random back or joint pain (pretty typical). I don’t want this honeymoon period to be over yet, but it seems that time might be upon us! Luckily, L.L. just started a new preschool/daycare this week to help me out for two days a week. Now I can grocery shop quicker, get some cleaning done, finish client work during the day, rest, and spend time with the pup! So things are still looking up as we still look forward to meeting the our new little buddy this summer!

These pics were taken last week, when I was 27 weeks.

DSC_0317_version_2 DSC_0387 - Version 2 DSC_0475_2

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  1. Beautiful! Much different 2nd time around, hu? Don’t drink & eat at the same time and that might help the heart burn.

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