A Whole New World

6:58pm  Swaddled baby in my arms
7:03pm  Baby falls asleep
7:08pm  Baby stops squirming, moaning and/or whimpering in sleep
7:10pm   Momma leaves the room

We have entered a whole new world. I, for one, am feeling amazing. Gone are the nights of 3-5 hours of screaming, for who knows what reason we can’t figure out. No more 10 hours of awake time, he naps a solid 3 times a day. It’s so good that I would almost dare to call it a routine.

Being around Cecito is now a complete joy and I cannot express how wonderful it is to enjoy all this wonderful time with my baby  boy.

Tears of joy!

Afternoon Nap
Afternoon Nap
Napping at the park.
Napping at the park, yesterday.