My Second Half Birthday

On October 5th our L.L. sailed through her half birthday. While no celebration occurred I thought I could, at least, take some pictures and compose a post about her. After the first year I’ve decided two milestone posts a year is enough to keep you all up to date.

She changes so much with each passing day. Her words get clearer and clearer, or just plain change to something I don’t recognize. While we have some that haven’t changed at all, like “pahder” for pacifier. She, also, uses Momma (and every form of it) interchangeably with Daddy. Most times she will say both of them a few times before settling on the correct name for each of us. The cutest one she’s currently using is Mom-mom instead of Momma. Seems she wants to change it but gets confused. I can’t blame her, between Momma, Mom and Mommy, everyone calls me something different.

Here is a list of the really cute ones, we could think of:

Pahfee for coffee
I la (love) lu (sometimes it actually comes out as you)
Popcakes for pancakes
P-pad is iPad
ipad is veggie and fruit pouch (which we just figured out is supposed to applesauce  – what the?!?!?) 
Mingo for Domingo (sometimes it’s Meemo, like the fish movie)
Blankiette for blanket

Some other things that she has just outgrown are her animal noises. She can now tell you what they are called, instead of always doing what sound they make as an identifier. It really was THE CUTEST! My favorites were the following:

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah (while tilting her head left and right) = Bah bah bah (what a sheep says)
Hoink-hoink (say it really fast, in a kid voice and it’s amazing) = Oink oink (what a pig says)

Then, lastly, in the world of audio we have names for other people. Our neighbor Karen is Kan-nan. The other neighbor is Theresa, whom finally heard her name today from L.L. as Tee-sa. She says McKenna just like that, but I think that has more to do with the Care Bears character. Then you have all of her friend’s names…

Ella = Lala
Dane = Dean
Lincoln = linkie-uhn
Virginia = Vinia
Connor is actually Connor

To wrap it all up are a few instances of her ever-entertaining character:

Her newest addition of ‘cold’ is first. She does a little shudder with her teeth clenched with a gasp and says ‘could’. Repeat all that a few times along with tiny shakes of her tiny fists to show just how cold she really is (uh, not really) and it’s adorable. She does this all the time, I believe her when she’s getting out of the bath or shower, not so much on our way out of  preschool and the sun is still out. Alas, I always have ‘blankiette’ waiting for her.

Second, we have her thumbs up with “Good to go!” Go is the main word here, emphasize that one like you were throwing it up in the air.

Third was her surprising use of “cool.” Miss K, at preschool must use that one a lot ’cause she suddenly thought a shirt I picked out for her was cool. At first she wanted nothing to do with getting dressed, then saw the shirt (some reddish-pink with white and purple flowers) and said “Momma, this shirt COOL!” I was dumbfounded, but loved it.

Lastly, we have her fascination to sniff everything. Especially drinks. Every morning she has to sniff our pahfee. She gets her nose right over it, crinkles her nose and sniffs several times (sometimes she even closes her eyes). Then says, “Mmmmm GOOD!” This is usually with great excitement. Other times it’s quiet looking for our approval and agreement.

She holds my heart in her hand, everyday.

DSC_0879 DSC_0880 DSC_0883 DSC_0885 DSC_0887 DSC_0889 DSC_0890 DSC_0896 DSC_0898

Oh, I almost forgot! About a month ago we visited L.L.’s pediatric office. They were kind enough to inform me that she has gained ONE POUND in SIX MONTHS! (Yes, that’s me you hear shaking her head and rolling her eyes.) Apparently, she’s on course to be 5 feet 90 pounds, as an adult. Bahahahaha! Yet, she has grown taller and they didn’t measure that. So, I actually think she will be taller than this projection. These days, she’s a head shorter than the really tall and as tall as the average. Our little peanut!


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