Say Whaaaat!?

I’ve suddenly become the most clumsy person I’ve ever been! Let’s start off with the first mishap. I was making pasta and apparently forgot how to safely pour it into the colander. Since it seemed so heavy (I’m a complete weakling these days) I just dumped it, fast. Of course the water went everywhere and it splashed up onto my belly. Man, did it hurt! However, I didn’t get a blister, just a fun small discoloration on the belly. Sweet, I love getting burn marks that double as age spots!

This episode started off a number of clumsy attacks. I can now bend down to pet Domingo and hit the corner of our wall square onto my knee cap. Now that’s talent, folks! I, also, almost trip over absolutely nothing. Hit my hand on doorways, as I walk through. Hit my thigh on whatever piece of furniture I misjudged the distance to. Plus, I can successfully ram my big toe on a small Ikea wood car hard enough to chip off a big chunk of the top of the nail without hurting, at all! Even took me a few days to notice it was gone, awesome.

Plus, recently have miscalculated just how large the belly is. There have been multiple times I have started to walk through somewhere, turned to the side and realized that isn’t my ‘small side’ any longer…now that had to of been pretty funny to witness. Another time, I had to get into the car on the passenger side because someone parked so close to me on the driver side. I thought “thanks, jerk, the pregnant girl can’t get into her car now!” So, I used the passenger side and had to crawl over the center console. L.L. decided it was the funniest thing she’s seen that day, and who can resist a toddler’s giggles. It made me laugh, too, and I really wish I knew what she was saying about me, but all I could decipher was Momma thrown in there somewhere. Good thing was I forgot all about that jerk who parked next to me!

I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of right now, because remember how I previously said I didn’t feel as dumb this time around? Yeah, that’s no longer. I forget thoughts in the middle of sentences, can’t recall half the things I was going to say, and find it hard to keep track of the days. At least I’m in good company because Gil says he has picked up pregnancy brain along with me. Thanks babe!

Now, since I haven’t given you a picture in three weeks I’ll give you a sneak peek into the family shoot we did last weekend. These are three of just me (37 weeks). Stay tuned for the whole family, next time!

ANM_2590 ANM_2594 ANM_2614