Family + Maternity Pictures

In the essence of taking steps back, the next few posts will be from this past spring or summer. Bare with me, I’m sure you will like it.

So, as some of you know we did DIY Maternity Pictures last time.

Of course, I wanted to do maternity and family pictures this time. I was a bit over the top with trying to get them taken since it was the last time I would be pregnant. The one snag was, we didn’t have the budget for it.

Luckily, a friend came to our rescue! We were very grateful and I have to say that I’m very happy we were able to do it. Kim, our photographer friend, was and probably still is nervous. I told her she shouldn’t be. Hopefully after seeing this post she will understand her talent.

Thank you for taking the time, Kim! We know how busy you are and loved spending the day with you and your family. xoxo

ANM_2431 ANM_2453 ANM_2457 ANM_2458 ANM_2461_5x7 ANM_2471 ANM_2483 ANM_2489 ANM_2510 ANM_2527 ANM_2531 ANM_2554 ANM_2586 ANM_2590 ANM_2592 ANM_2595 ANM_2601 ANM_2603 ANM_2615 ANM_2618 ANM_2620 ANM_2622 ANM_2626 ANM_2631 ANM_2655 ANM_2667 ANM_2691 ANM_2698 ANM_2704 ANM_2736 ANM_2746 ANM_2768 ANM_2778 ANM_2785 ANM_2796