The wife and daughter went out of town to visit my wonderful sister-in-law and her awesome family in Ohio for TWO whole weeks! What’s a Dad to do? Drink, sleep, drink some more and walk around in my underwear? No, no, no and sometimes.  Actually I did get to drink some, but not like you

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Dad’s Day

Hello! I’m a week late, per usual, with this post. For the last week I was working on one of our family photo books. We purchased a discounted voucher (like Groupon) and it was about to expire. Man, those things take FOREVER! I tried to work on it every free minute I had and somehow

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52 Reasons

This week started off amazing, I got to meet Lisa Loeb! Then, I got to see Mumford and Sons’ in concert. Bam-Bam, just like that – two days in row. Just as quickly it went down hill. So, I figured that a warm fuzzy blog post was in order. Especially since part of the bad

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