Take Me Home

If you have been following this blog you know that L.L. and I recently went on vacation together. We visited my sister and her family of men. She has four kids, all boys between the ages of almost 6 and 10.5 year old. It was a whirlwind of activities, hugs, plenty of crying and lots of laughs in between.


Daddy stayed home and had plenty to do, as he put together the largest honey-do list I have ever seen. Which is great for us, since we came home to an almost organized garage (it’s known as the black hole), a newly custom organized closet lined with cedar, a new storage bed frame that now allows my sewing machine in our room, a new dryer (because our conveniently broke a little over a week before we left), and the completion of paint in the baby’s room. Dizzy yet?

As much as we missed Daddy, we had the greatest time visiting family. My folks joined us for the first week, then my brother-in-law went on a short work trip, then we were all together. Never a dull moment and my nephews were enamored with L.L. – to be fair, she thought they were pretty nifty, too!

I am constantly talking about moving, while most people think that I am crazy because we live in San Diego. To be honest, I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I am, too. The weather is as close to perfect as you can get, we have friends that keep our social calendar packed full of fun things to do, we live in the hippest neighborhood in town, and we are happy. What’s hard is the cost of living and how far we are from family. My in-laws are a 16 hour drive, which is about as fun as an 8+ hour day of flying with a lap child to see my side.

When I was saying goodbye to my nephews and sister, at the airport, I teared up and had to walk away before breaking down. My sister told me her whole car was crying on the way home from the airport. It’s hard.

What I wasn’t expecting was the feeling I had when L.L. and I saw Daddy at our home airport and we walked to our car. It’s the feeling that I have been waiting for since I moved here 10 years ago. After collecting all our baggage (because I swear, it feels like we have to “move in” when we travel now), we walked outside and I hesitated for a split second, breathed in the cool air (actually felt the moisture in the air, a first for me in this desert climate), and felt relieved to be in San Diego. It felt comfortable and like home. Sure did take long enough!

It was all solidified yesterday. I half watched, “Take Me Home”. It’s a great indie movie. After it was over, I was so full of joy and inspiration that all I wanted to do was move to Encinitas and live the rest of our lives there. So, SURPRISE Gil! You might just get your wish.

I can’t say there will never come a time where I will want to live somewhere else. Maybe somewhere that we can have a bit more humidity, warm summer nights, be able to drive to see family in a few hours, and have a big house with a yard; but for now, I’m pretty darn happy right where we are.

We have made a happy home, for our little family, here.


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  1. We did have a good time and the cousins were wonderful together.
    LL can hold her own in a roomful of boys! Love you all

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