The wife and daughter went out of town to visit my wonderful sister-in-law and her awesome family in Ohio for TWO whole weeks! What’s a Dad to do?

Drink, sleep, drink some more and walk around in my underwear? No, no, no and sometimes.  Actually I did get to drink some, but not like you might be thinking. I did try to sleep in, really, but for some reason I always woke up between 6 and 6:30 (yes, I’m talking about the weekends).  Instead of living it up, I had the “great” idea to use the time alone to catch up on my honey-do-list.  Although, I must admit, the list didn’t really come from my honey, it came from me.  Of course she didn’t complain, these were things we had discussed at one time or another that needed to be done.  I had two weekends to accomplish the bulk of my list and I decided to start with our closet.  I anticipated two solid days to complete it, but of course it took those two days plus three more evenings after work.

What was it that took so long?  We decide we wanted to have a better organized closet that would be moth free (not really sure we have them, but we definitely won’t now!).  I did some research ahead of time and knew what I needed and how much.  I bought cedar flake board for the walls and cedar plank board for the floor.   I started by ripping out the carpet and scrapping off the remaining rug pad stuck to the concrete with glue.  Guess what?  our closet wasn’t built square; as in nice 90 degree corners. I even discovered a pipe that bulges the wall out towards the floor.  I then got to rip out the builder shelves which were apparently attached with huge nails and tons of glue.  So much fun!

Once I got it cleaned up and ready for the panels, the job went fairly quickly.  I used subfloor glue and screws with large washers to help create the look of 16×24 panels throughout.  I did use some nails, but only as needed.  I was pretty happy with the look and felt pretty good until I realized I forgot to mark where the studs were.  I needed to know this so I could attach the closet organizer properly.  Removed two of the panels, found and marked studs, made some holes for the butterfly screws where needed and reattached the panels.  I had a few other mishaps, but no need to bring them up.

The floor and baseboards went in without any issue and in the end I was happy with our new closet.  It took much longer than anticipated, but worth it in the end.  So that was one weekend, what did I do with the other you ask?  Garage, aka “black hole”. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Enjoy!  Our cameras were in Ohio, so these were taken with my phone from as far away as I could get.  


My little helper…worked so hard he had to take a nap.

D relaxing after a tough day of work
D relaxing after a tough day of work







2 thoughts on “FREEDOM!”

  1. I’m so excited! Cannot wait to see it in person. Miss you so much! LL and I can’t get home soon enough.

  2. How wonderful that you are keeping us informed of the homefront while the female-folk are out traveling. The closet turned out great! Don’t most building-type projects take longer than planned? At least everything is up and beautiful and you even made an attempt at the garage! Good on you!

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