52 Reasons

This week started off amazing, I got to meet Lisa Loeb! Then, I got to see Mumford and Sons’ in concert. Bam-Bam, just like that – two days in row. Just as quickly it went down hill. So, I figured that a warm fuzzy blog post was in order. Especially since part of the bad week is that the hubs and I are out of sync.

On April 30th we had our 2 year wedding anniversary. Instead of buying a gift (because I couldn’t find ANYTHING out there) I decided to make a gift for him. Luckily we all have Pinterest and the world wide web to assist us with grand ideas. The idea sure is grand, but I underestimated how long it would take. It’s not hard, but time intensive, especially for someone like me (a perfectionist).

Here is where I got the original idea. There are examples of how this idea has become viral all over the crafting and blogging world. Which you will see went from a blog post on a blog like this to having it’s own flipping website tutorial. Pretty Awesome! Since you can get all the details from that site I will go right into it.


I decided to go with a black deck of cards and an ornate font with lots of alternatives. It was fun, but made the typography take a lot longer. The reason I went with this particular deck of cards is because I felt like it fit Gil, he’s a bit tougher than the illustration/character style you usually see. (Yes, I know that’s the reaper – it’s cool.)



When I sat down to come up with my 52 reasons. This was actually the best part! I thought it might be hard, but it ended up that I had more than 52 and tried to combine some. Here are two examples:




Then, I found some charms to represent us, our family. Let me know if you can figure out what they all represent. (Don’t you just love a guessing game?)




Lastly, I put it in a box for safe keeping. I had an old box from a set of thank you cards used for my baby shower. To me, it was perfect.

DSC_0122 DSC_0125


If you couldn’t guess, Gil got this one about a week late. However, he loved it. So I’m thinking it was worth it. It definitely was for me. If you are looking for a kick ass, sentimental, super-lovey gift for your sweetheart I highly recommend this one. It will end up meaning a lot to both of you.

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