Look Who’s Five Months Old!

Our Happy Little (Sweet) Heart

On Thanksgiving our little monster turned FIVE MONTHS OLD! It was quite a momentous occasion, since he also sprouted a tiny tooth on the bottom left of his jaw. We were so sure he had been teething since month two and it looks like we were right! Poor baby has been a little fussy over that one. As he should be, I hear pushing teeth through your gums is mighty painful.

So, five months…with this second child of ours I have to say that I feel the five months. I can’t believe it’s already been that long, when I stop to think about it, but who has time for that!? We are getting by much better, as our little sweetheart is sleeping easier (and L.L. stays in bed, for the most part, now). I have moments where I look at my family and think, ‘this is what it’s all about,’ and I smile with a warm heart. As hard as the days have been it’s wondrous watching our two kids grow.

Cecito is already in #3 diapers and 9 month footie pajamas. He can still get into 6 month onesies, but anything with a 3-6 month tag is iffy. In fact the onesie that I put on him for his 5 month pictures was a little snug with a 3-6 month tag. To try to give you a bit of a visual, L.L. wore this one particular pair of jeans until she was 18 months old and Cecito barely fits into them now! With this second baby I finally get why people say they grow up too fast. Soon I will be telling him to stop, just stop growing up so fast, Momma can’t take it!

Outside of all that he’s a lot of fun. Smiles all the time and he’s definitely not afraid to tell you he doesn’t like something. Plus, he’s a pretty big snuggle bug. If I could carry him all the time (especially without a carrier) he would be in heaven. He loves the jumper and can stay in it for 30 minutes, it’s amazing! However, I see that time frame getting shorter and shorter as the days go by. He’s started cooing as he wakes up in the morning. Not in the same way L.L. did, he has a different language, but it’s still cute. The only thing is his patience with being alone doesn’t last long, so we need to pick him up to join us faster than we did her. Not that we have slow and relaxing wake up’s anymore, but I was kinda holding out a little hope it would happen for a few weeks once he started sleeping better…oh well, more time with baby.

I’ve saved the best news for last, as I’m sure, you expected. This kid loves, I mean ADORES, his big sister! He watches her all the time and giggles constantly when she’s around. Especially if she pays attention to him, and the giggles never stop when she talks to him. It’s the GREATEST! She’s just started to get jealous of him, so this helps out, a lot. Now for the big one, our little man has started to learn to crawl! Can you believe it, the beginning stages of learning to crawl. The day before Thanksgiving he got up on his hands and knees and Daddy was there to see him! Since then I have snapped a few pics and will follow up with a post, just like I did for L.L. Plus, if you were wondering this is exactly the time that L.L. started to do the same thing. They are very much on the same physical path. Which doesn’t surprise me, they are similar in how alert and aware they are as infants. Here is a link to her 5 month post, if you wanted to check it out.

I love this little bundle so much and can’t even believe he’s only been around five months. For me, he makes our family feel complete. Warm fuzzies, people, warm fuzzies!

p.s. I measured him, with a ribbon and then took it to a ruler…so take this as you may, he’s now 25.5 inches long. No idea on the weight.

The spoon returns!
He likes it a little more this time.

DSC_0947 DSC_0941 DSC_0937

And now for the extras…I just had to take pictures with both of them together!

Hey sis, what ya doin’?
Oh sweet, kisses!
What!? Just one and not even a hug thrown in either.

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  1. First the haircut post and now I’m catching up on your blog! Cecito (when I write this, Sussudio starts playing in my head!) is SO CUTE.

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