I’m Five Months Old!

The spoon returns!

FIVE  MONTHS OLD! L.L. has almost been in this world for half a year – it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around that. AHHH!

She is one serious ball of cuteness. So many smiles and giggles. All the while we are watching her learn more and more things. Each day is truly amazing. I can’t stress enough how cool it is to watch your child grow.

Normally I would tell you all the stats of her growth, but we don’t have a doctor appointment this month, and with my new work schedule (plus, a few more auto issues, ugh!) I haven’t had a chance to make it to any Support Groups to weigh her. However, she is definitely growing! I just took a tape measure to her and it seems she is about 24 inches long. She is napping tho, and I didn’t move her, so the guess is going to have to do, for now.

What I do want to talk about is what she’s up to…
One morning she woke up knowing how to spit with her tongue out, you know that elephant noise you can make with your lips pressed to your tongue? Well, she loves to do that! It’s adorable (for now). She has, also, learned that she can make herself cough. It’s comical. At first she was just coughing, then we noticed that she would pause and you would hear a fake one. Now, she will start to cough (real ones) and then a few fake ones, in-between, afterwards giggle, then get back to the fake ones. Lastly, she has started to learn to crawl – that’s right folks – I said crawl! We are in for it, now. On Wednesday morning (when she turned exactly 5 months old) I watched her figure out how to get her little bum in the air. Luckily, I was taking pictures, which I will share with you in another post.

For now, I will share the picture I took for this month. She is a doll and I can’t kiss her enough every time I see her.

We are definitely warming up to the spoon this month.
Always biting the fingers, or fist, and sometimes the thumb makes it in there.
I’m in love with this shot!
Absolutely hilarious!

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