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As you know I started a new job the other week. In getting that job, we also, had to find daycare, which led to a week of daycare without work. It was a kind of test run and I loved it. During this test run I went to our new favorite coffee shop.  I always wanted to be that person with my mac and coffee, writing away like I had something special to say. Lucky me, I got to have that little fantasy.

The place is a few blocks from us and we can’t love it enough. It’s really a great place with amazing coffee. Since I am not a big coffee person, this is a huge stretch for me. However, I am starting to come around. This is no regular coffee, or I have just been blindly disliking bad coffee all this time. Which could really be the case. This coffee  is loved and groomed  and that makes you understand why some people find it to be a religion.

Plus, they have done it right. They roast their own beans, have decorated the place in style, and kept it simple. I mean the name says it all: Coffee & Tea Collective. Plus, the guy that owns it, along with all the people that work there, are super nice. It’s hard to find a place where people take pride in what they do and appreciate you being there.

Needless to say, I highly recommend.

Inside – from the booth view
Cool things you should purchase there.
Just another cool item in the land of “Coffee & Tea”
It was a Domingo + Momma Day

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    1. Thanks Rachel! I’m so impressed you have been reading the posts here since the baby was born. Hats off to you, Momma!

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