I’m 4 Months Old!

Per usual, I’m a bit behind on ‘all things blog. L.L. turned 4 months on August 5th, which makes this post almost 2 weeks late.

Our little miss is just a joy and we couldn’t be more smitten. I swear, each day brings more love and amazing memories with this child. She’s now rolling over, that’s right, no more easy living (is that really a thing when you’re a parent?) for us. She can almost suck her thumb, but it’s still not something she deliberately does. Her coos are more often and turn into a little cry (yelp or could even be categorized as a whine, but we won’t go that far, yet) when she’s really got something to say. It’s comical since it seems like she is really trying to get something across to whomever is ready to listen, furrowed brow and all. She smiles constantly and has the cutest teeny giggle. Luckily, she still isn’t a loud crier.

We continue to swaddle her, for bedtime, but she gets out of it through the night and wiggles around the pack-n-play. Most of the time she will sleep through the night, BUT more often has been waking up, reminding us she is there. We had our first experience of her cooing in there just hanging out in the middle of the night. It was rather adorable, even at 3 am.

Here are her stats, according to the doctor’s visit:
Weight: 11 lbs (she is 1/4 of an ounce shy, but when they are babies you can round up, right?)
Height: 23.5 inches
Head Circumference: 40.25 cm

She is still considered “petite”. Yet, this time, the pediatrician wasn’t worried. He didn’t give us a lecture or that concerned face that makes me worry. In fact, he said it was good that I noticed I wasn’t producing enough milk for her, later in the day, and started supplementing with formula. Yep, I said formula (fondly referred to as a “milkshake,” by some, which I think is a pretty cute nickname) – about a month ago we started her on one bottle of formula a day. We thought it would chunk her up, but it seems she’s determined to stay petite! Her pediatrician says she has enough pudge and milestones covered that he isn’t concerned – whew! Her growth is stable and consistent, even if it is about half what they expect in weight. We are supposed to start solid foods, so that is our next step.

As you know, normally I shoot L.L. with an apple next to her, to show her relative size. This month I didn’t have one, nor did I take the time to get one. So, I used a spoon! I have to say I love it and will probably switch out the objects after a few months again. Hope you like them.

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    1. Right!? I feel the same way, her birth and all the troubles we had with feeding feel like ages ago. We can’t wait to see you, too! xo

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