Crawling…Well, Almost

September 5th was the day that L.L. turned 5 months old. To my surprise, it was also the day that I watched her learn to ‘almost’ crawl!

She has been doing the scooting on her belly, pushing up on legs with her head on the ground, even face planting and while pushing herself backward and forward. Never getting her hands and knees on the ground with her bum in the air. Her most controlled movements have been to scoot backwards and swirl in a circle on her belly. Believe it or not, these are exciting things in our house!

In my last post I had mentioned that I was watching her learn how to do this AND that I happen to be taking pictures. I was lucky that I had a chance to document this learning. Here they are!

Scooted from the middle of the blanket to the edge.
I like to call this position ‘Flying Baby’
Getting ready for the big move!
Woohoo – hands and knees with bum in the air!

Once I saw this last one I knew crawling was upon us, which is exactly what I texted to the hubs moments later!  Not to mention how cool it was to watch her facial expressions while she was figuring it all out.

I’m ALSO in love with this last photo of her.

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    1. Thanks so much, Beth. I really really really hope the curls are here to stay, but know all too well about the baby curls going away when they grow up. Sigh…

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