First Taste

Last month our pediatrician wanted to start L.L. on solid foods. Well, at 4 months I thought she was a little young, So we didn’t start right away. She’s showing all the signs of wanting to eat solids and it’s recommended at 4-6 months, so I thought splitting the difference was a good place to begin.

We decided the weekend was a good time to test it out. Rice cereal was the food option and man was it comical! She wasn’t completely sure of what was going on, but she sure did know that she wanted this strange stuff!

Take a look:

I’m interested, definitely interested!


What the heck!?
Well, if you insist.
Seems like it could be yummy…
Maybe I could get used to this stuff, let me try it with my bib on.
What!? When did the paparazzi get here?
Ok, give me more. I’m still on the fence.
You like seefood? hardy-har-har
Maybe it tastes better with my fingers?
Again, again – more, more!
I could get used to this!
Yay – new food, new chair, new bib – I’m stylin’!



2 thoughts on “First Taste”

  1. So THAT is what the black and white thing were for!! hahahahaha…..I bought it just becuase i love black and white…and polka dots to boot!!! but i honestly had no clue what it was!!! bahahahaha.

    1. Haha, I remember you saying that when I opened it. Guess I didn’t explain it very well when you asked. Don’t you love it even more now that you see it in action?

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