Nana To The Rescue!

We had our first visit from Nana last month (that would be the hub’s momma). Boy, was it exciting stuff!

There was pool time, play time, beach time ā€“ AND meeting Auntie with a couple of cousins thrown in there, too! What’s not to love about a visit like that!? The cousins were adorable with L.L. and even Domingo got lots of love from everyone. It was sad to see them return home, but we look forward to our next visit with them.

Here are some pictures from our jam-packed weekend of fun!

Three Cousins!
Cousins meeting for the first time!
Meeting Auntie!
Just a Neighborhood Stroll with The Family!
Sweet Cousins
Nana Love
Someone Wanted To Be Like Domingo!
Domingo Love
Cutie Pies!
Pool Time with Auntie
With Nana, While L.L. Naps
The Beach Was Made for Hat Wearin’
Someone Was Hot!
Our lovely friends met us at the beach – such a cute family!
There was no getting this girl outta the ocean!
Perfect Tent for L.L.
Maxin’ & Relaxin’ at Coronado Beach!
You can run and you can hide, but Uncle is gonna get a pic of you eventually!
Nana feeding L.L. at the Beach
Who’s Not Tired?
Almost the whole bunch!
Brother, Sister, Nana & Grand Baby
Three Generations!

3 thoughts on “Nana To The Rescue!”

  1. Well I finally got caught up and I have to say, LL is making alot of progress. AND she is cute as a button!! I can’t believe how big she has gotten. Keep up the good work on the blog. I love seeing all the pics and hearing all the stories. Miss you! Give me kisses for me. xoxo

    1. Heeeeeeelllllooooo! I have missed you. Good to hear you are all caught up. She is making tons of progress. I just weighed her on Wednesday and she is 11 lbs 11 oz – yippie! I will try to call you this next week, we need to catch up muchacha y muchacha! šŸ˜‰

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