Granny + Grandpops + Grand Baby Girl!

Last month was a flurry of visits from family, which included my parents. We had so been looking forward to everyone meeting L.L. and this visit was just as grand as the rest!

We went to the San Diego Zoo. Visited Balboa Park to see the International Houses, Botanical Garden, and the Timken Museum. It was a fun filled five days and we can’t wait to get them back here. I have to admit I was really sad to see them go.

My parents got lots of hugs and holding time in with the baby. Even Domingo scored tons of love – which was a big surprise for me, since we weren’t allowed to have a pet when I was growing up. Of course, Granny helped change some diapers, Grandpops helped out with some bottle feedings, AND (lucky us) they watched L.L. while we went out for a dinner date – what more could you ask for?

Until, next time Granny and Grandpops…

Patiently waiting on my turn for some Love.
Grandpops Meets L.L.
Granny still knows how to make a girl smile!
L.L. and Granny at the Zoo!
Baby Girl with the Grandparents
One More by the Polar Bear!
My Parents at Balboa Park – Organ Pavilion
Daddy – I need some milk!
I love my Granny and Grandpops!
Can’t Get Enough (of the Grandparents and that fist)!
I just had to get in on the picture!
Botanical Garden with Granny
Three Generations of Ladies!
Granny, Momma and Baby
Headband Glory
Pretty Eyes
Finger Lickin’ Good
Our Little Family
Daddy Love
Daddy Besos!
Granny sure gives good Naps!
Hi Grandpops!
Do you see me? I’m standin’ – in no time at all I’ll be dancin’!


4 thoughts on “Granny + Grandpops + Grand Baby Girl!”

  1. Wow. Sounds like
    A great visit. So glad for
    You all. So nice to have parents meet you baby! Looks like they were smitten, and why not!!!!

    1. It was, I wish they lived closer or could visit more often. They were totally smitten (perfect word). 😉

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