When You’re A Kid

Everyone knows at one point or another a kid will put anything in their mouth. They really don’t know any better. What I didn’t realize (pre-children) was how amusing this can be.

Since I have been slackin’ and I owe you all a lot of posts I figured I would start off with a funny one. She’s still doing the worm to move around and she couldn’t get over to me fast enough from the other side of the room.

Not much else you can really say about these pics (except that she’s gonna hate them one day), but they make me chuckle. Enjoy!



Hmmm…fingers or feet?
Which one do I prefer?
Me thinks I’m stickin’ with the feet!




2 thoughts on “When You’re A Kid”

  1. How cute! I feel these pictures coming to light again on your angel’s 16th birthday party … and any other time she needs embarrassment!

    Thank you for sharing this sweet moment.

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