Cecito’s 3rd Trolls Birthday Party

Yes, we are still a Trolls obsessed household. (At least we were when I wrote this.) It’s the car soundtrack request, every time, and the almost every time request for tv viewing. To illustrate it further…Cecito had a fever today, which means we had to have a second viewing since he slept thought most of it in the first showing.

If it was up to him we would have hosted the exact same party we did for LL’s 5th birthday. It was the same park, almost the same guest list, same theme, with a little bit of different food and new take home items. The Troll hair will remain a one party thing, per request by Gil.

This time I made rainbow salsa, rainbow fruit salad, Trolls snack mix and cotton candy grapes (I’m still baffled as to how they can be organic). Of course, there were donuts and coffee (cold brew and hot) with pink lemonade. What is is about pink lemonade that makes little kids go nuts?

Loads of fun and the biggest hit were the Trolls lollipops! You would have thought they had gold hidden the in them. There were Trolls hair colored pencils, too, but they were like the veggies we all try to get our kids to eat.

Next in line for super fun was the Metallic Hair Glitter Chalk. I highly recommend them. First, our guests started off adding rainbows to their hair, then it quickly turned into face paint. It was hilarious! Some got into it more than others…

Then, it was time to sing to the birthday boy and he had very specific ideas as to where the troll figure was going to go on his donut. Just take a look…

He had a bit of a fit when I tried to do it myself, so I let him do whatever he wanted. “Haircut Branch” was essential, while one candle went unlit so the other Branch didn’t catch on fire. It was exactly what you would expect for a three year old who adores his older sister and has a birthday right before July 4th! He was so happy while everyone was singing, you could totally see the joy in his eyes.

I must say watching our kids establish bonds with our friends and their kids has been a surprising plus in this parenting gig. I’m happy to report that we all had a great time hanging out with good friends and their kiddos. The party was fun, relaxing and very enjoyable. Plus, we have parties so dialed in now, that we brought the pup! I like to think that he enjoyed himself, too.

A big thanks to all that came out to celebrate our little dude. He felt very loved and special with all of his friends at his party!

Since I’m so late on this post I will include some extra pics. I have yet to post any to social media, and I know some of you have been waiting. Two months is way too long for this cuteness! 




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  1. Pamela S Bailey

    Everyone looked they were having fun, pup was in protection mode and wanting a nap too. Funny. love to you all Granny

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