LLs 5th Birthday Trolls + Donut Party

Who doesn’t want a super soft, larger than life Princess Poppy stuffed doll? (To be honest, sometimes I think Cecito likes it better than LL!)

Here we are again, another post for another birthday party. It’s even another donut party! Only this time there’s the addition of a Trolls theme. You know, that incredibly popular animated kid movie with none other than Justin Timberlake (most of you know how much I adore that dude)!

So. The big news is that our LL turned 5! Can you believe it? Of course not. (Well, let me tell ya something, me either.)




Meanwhile, someone told her that life was going to completely change once she was 5. Which means she’s been talking about turning 5 since about day 3 of being four. Ha!

The party was really fun. It’s completely dialed in, as you can imagine. This is my third donut party. The changes were an addition of pink lemonade, cold brew (that’s coffee, just in case you didn’t know), and crudités of many raw veggies, accompanied with dip and hummus.

One of the big changes was that Gil and I made ‘troll hair’ for the kids to play with at the party and take home. It took us a little time to make them, but it was worth it. Even some of the adults joined in the ‘troll hair’ fun!

Just take a look in the pictures…

Momma and LL
This is what I think of this not being MY party, guys.
A motley crew, enjoying the new play structure
Pink frosting filling donut for the birthday girl, with Princess Poppy figure on top. (Oh and a glitter, pink #5 candle to boot!)
I had to jump in there! Such cuties.
Dancing and singing to the Trolls soundtrack was a favorite.
Fun with friends. Keep the magic going!
Sometimes you just want two troll hair headbands.
Friends! Check out the sequin dress and new shades.
We made it through! Even so, we were exhausted after having a great time with some amazing guests.
Someone won the “Most Tired” award, on the way home. (too cute)

This video is super cute if you just imagine what they look like. Sorry it’s so pixelated. I have no idea how that happened. Eek! Even so it’s really great because I can still ‘see’ them all dancing and now I can hear them singing, for years to come.