Cecito is Two + 1/2

The boy is two and a half and it just doesn’t seem like that’s possible. I feel like he’s been with us as long as LL has. It’s a strange feeling, but very true.

So guys, there’s a real, stark difference between our two kiddos. I mean, I knew that innately I could care less about sports (always) and when I was a little girl I thought that pink and princesses were the greatest things on this green earth. However, I coudn’t get far enough away from them once I became a teen. What I wasn’t ready for was the male/female difference happening at two!

For example, Cecito decided to hit LL while they were playing today, she didn’t care and they kept playing, but he continued to hit her. So his Dad told him not to he responded with, “that’s what guys do,” and a little shrug. Then kept throwing punches at the air, in jest. (Say what?!?)

Even though, Cecito can’t wait to see LL when he wakes up and has to find her about every 5 minutes, if he doesn’t have her in his sight. Still, he will fight her over her little princess dolls, but that’s just because she wants it, really he adores his monster trucks.

He’s rough, loves blue, runs around like a maniac still getting bruises on his face. He’s all boy, yet still loves his sis so much that he will wear dresses, crowns, princess costumes, and ask for ponytails. He’s as obsessed with a skirt that will flare out when he twirls as she is. It’s got to be one of the most adorable things he currently does. Well, that and when he insists on wearing a skirt over sweat pants to go to school.

My little man is also a great cuddler. It doesn’t last long, but when you get a kiss and hug from him the warm fuzzies are particularly spectacular.

Then there is his smile — oh man! He has a dazzler and I find myself doing a double take when he flashes me his pearly whites with those big, dark, baby brown eyes. He’s gonna be as much of a heartbreaker as his sister will be.

We are in trouble.

It’s ok, we love him

Here is LL’s 2.5 year post, it’s got a lot of great language examples. They are some of the cutest memories I have of her at this age. Gil and I sat down trying to recall the same kind of list for Cecito, but it’s not as long or even as memorable, because he’s a bit of a language master. He speaks like a 4 year old (according to his teacher). So when he makes a flub you really have to remember it. There’s a chance he won’t ever do it again!

Cecito’s list:
peeky-boo (peek-a-boo)
meemow (meow)
wub (love)
mout (mouth)
Dec-a-lan (Declan)
buh-cation (vacation)
plian-na-no (piano, courtesy of LL)


…let’s move onto the good stuff, pictures!

Hanging out with Daddy at Balboa Park! (first time on the butterfly ride)


Happy and excited with a Nutella (choc) mustache and cowboy boots. Perfect accessories for your pajamas!


When he’s tired, he’s really tired. No nap, boy.
Hi Momma, I see you.
Sleepy boy.
There’s my sweet boy, who won’t stand still for a picture, ever.
Picking flowers with sister. Of course, no pants. Who needs pants?
I can do everything you can do…see?
I’m not trying to get out the doggy door…just look at how cute I am. That’s all there is to see here.
Harley guy, already?
Let’s see if we fit on the stairs? (He did, she a little long and had to bend a bit.)

My little stud. Darn cardboard box that attacked his face!
Little feet and a squinty smile.
Saved the best smile for last. Well the best one I could capture. So many kisses!



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