I’m Four and a Half

LL isn’t far from turning 5, but I just had to write a half birthday post for her!

She is the sweetest, most nurturing almost 5 year old I know. Who can also clench her fists so hard they are white knuckled while she’s in rage at almost anything that doesn’t go her way. Mostly that means she’s really pissed at her brother. You know, normal sibling stuff.

What she, also, does a lot, is pretend she’s a momma and has a baby in her tummy. Which means a stuffed animal is in her shirt. She used to claim it was the “babysitter”. So awesome, guys! The “babysitter” doesn’t happen any longer, but playing family does. What’s extra cute, right now, is that either one of our kids can be the the dada (she’s brought that term back, in full force — even Cecito says it), momma, brother or sister…it’s equal opportunity, folks!

Another favorite is socks worn inside out, because why would you ever wear them the right way where they don’t slide!? If you didn’t know, almost all little kid socks have grippys on them so they don’t fall and bust their face open. These two kids will beg to slide, just once, at any point in the day, it’s that exciting to them. They, also, really really need to wear a pair on their hands. It’s the new fashion craze, people!

We are constantly in the search of matching pairs way more than before. But I blame that on Gabby, because she is the one that showed LL it’s way cooler to wear mismatched socks! And woudn’t that rule apply to your hands?

Gosh, you know I could go on and on, but I’ll end it with one more ultra adorable thing. She is as cuddly, loving, smiley, sweet, happy, nurturing, inquisitive and intelligent as any other kid; but what sets her apart is how she can make you feel so loved your heart is literally going to burst open. She might take a while to warm up, but when you are in, you are IN. I think she’s the type that’s going to love big and love hard, but not that often.

She’s the best of what I envisioned she’d be.

Sibling love at UTC Mall.
With Momma to see The Lion King (off Broadway)
Happy Girl!
With Daddy at Uncle Tom’s Wedding!
Sliding down!
Just one of the girls, in LA!
Friends of every generation.
Standing tall. Standing strong.