Kindergarten has nothing on me!

Our darling LL started ‘5 day school’ last week. If you don’t know what that is, it’s Kindergarten. We have a kindergartener! Can you freaking believe it? We have come a long way from this:

Not only was it our first week of school, but it was Cecito’s last week at the daycare school both of them attended AND it was a heat wave of epic capacity for San Diego! LL only got to experienced two full days of five-day school, since her school is air-conditioned free. Yes, schools out here do NOT have AC and it’s stifling hot in those classrooms.

Even so, our little lady is in LOVE with kindergarten. Her first day I asked her what her favorite part was and her response, “Everything! I loved it all, b/c I had fun.”

I think my heart burst, for the eleventeenth time!

We are enjoying the Running Club in the morning where we run laps for 15 minutes. Little Miss has consistently finished 6 laps each morning. While, Momma is hoping this works out, positively, for her too!

Her teacher is great and she was lucky enough to get two kids she already knew in her classroom. Not to mention she made one new friend! Affectionately known as her ‘zebra friend’, b/c that’s where they met on the playground. (Ummmm, adorable!) It took a couple of days to remember her name.

It was a really busy week, but we made it through and feel pretty good about it. Let’s hope the rest of the year feels even better!

Now onto the fun stuff…pictures!

First day of Kindergarten!
My Little Lady
The rest of the week’s outfits. The only change is she didn’t wear flip flops on day two. They aren’t allowed and by some miracle she wore kicks without protest. Whew!

I am a proud Momma. She lights up a room and our hearts. Way to go, sweetheart!

3 thoughts on “Kindergarten has nothing on me!”

  1. Immi started TK. Day 1 and 2 were great! Day three a little less excited. Then day 4&5 giant tears as o had to leave her for lineup. She says she likes it…but says she wishes I was there for all the new.

    1. Oh man, I’m sure that was tough for you. She’s so much like you, Nik! Hopefully today went a little smoother and she was back to all smiles. Big hugs, this is a tough time. Especially for a TK age kiddo.

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