Thanks During Christmas

Alright, so this is ABSOLUTELY the latest I have been with a post. I have no excuses left! It’s just how it goes anymore. So, if you didn’t know, we went to San Luis Obispo for Thanksgiving. I have so many pictures it’s going to take a couple of posts to get through them without overwhelming you, my wonderful readers.

To start off Thanksgiving we departed around 4am – yes, you read that correctly – 4am. We are crazy (or are we genius?)! With the drive being about 5 hours we figured if we left really early we would 1. miss traffic, 2. get a sleeping L.L. for most of the journey, and 3. arrive early enough to enjoy the whole day!

All of these things were accomplished, a victory for Momma and Daddy. It was also a test to see how we would all do on our first road trip. Especially since we plan on all our trips being road trips for a couple of years.

Now, onto the fun part – pictures!

Holiday Sweetheart
…wait, what’s that over there?
All I wanna do is DANCE!
Already trying to get into the makeup box!
I want that cameraaaaaa – NOW!!!
This is the face you see before she tries to give you slobbery kisses.
Domingo gets treats, too!
Just the boys hanging out with their mouths open.
I just can’t help but pose for the camera.
Hi Mom! I love playing with your friends.
Well hello Domingo.
Sweet Berlin
Happy Sirus
Nom nom nom…taaaable
Momma and a happy L.L.
Looking for the chickens!
Giving thanks with a new outfit.
Troy with the bird
I’m SO not done with this table!
All of us in one room!
Fun times in the pack n play!
Domingo getting a treat, sunning himself on our ‘bed’.


We had a great time, obviously…more to come.

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    1. Of course! Sorry they are so late. I’m glad you saw this I was about to email you about it. Miss you!

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