Thanks Dos

While we were up ‘north’ for Thanksgiving we did some hiking before we gorged ourselves on lots of yummy food. It was a crisp and beautiful day. Plus, now that I’m thinking about it, I believe it was L.L.’s first time seeing the ocean (it just occurred to me as I was writing this – whoa).

To be specific we were in Los Osos for the holiday. It’s next to San Luis Obispo and less known, ’cause San Luis is so well known. I remember the first time I was told the name of the town, I had to have the girl repeat it 3 times, THEN write it down because I was certain she made it up. Ha! But no, it’s a real place and a fantastic one, at that. We love to visit, especially to see our amazing friends who moved there from San Diego.

We went to Montana de Oro State Park in Los Osos. It’s gorgeous, just like Sunset Cliffs (where we got married) and Torrey Pines (where the famous golf course is). Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. Notice that we had to carry L.L. since we forgot the carrier at our friends house. It’s comical when you go to look for it in the back of the car (it”s no problem the baby fell asleep on the way), don’t see it and ask your partner where it is, then realize it was in some bag you left behind (do we wake the baby?). Comical, right?

Driving to Montana de Oro State Park
Almost there…
Someone fell asleep along the way while holding onto her rings.
Ummm…can you fix my hat, please!
on our way out to the bluff
pit stop
the ocean at the park
there’s gonna be a few of these
so pretty
Our family
Baby Girl with Daddy
I did warn you (with bird)
crashing waves
Morrow Bay in the distance – notice the three stacks
Momma with L.L.
I couldn’t decide, so you get both of them.
Happy Baby Girl
walking back to the car
turkey bum
last one!