Poo Always Has The Last Word

Ok, so I don’t normally do this, but it was just too much for me to resist. And totally worth a double post day.

Today I was on the phone with my sister and got the surprise of the week – keep in mind we are almost upon Christmas and I still think that. As you all know we are trying to clear L.L. of ear infections. At this point we are on our 4th round of antibiotics and it it potent. So potent that L.L. has a severe diaper rash. Now when I say severe I don’t just mean bad, I mean kicking and squealing, crying, flailing her arms around, does the open mouth silent scream in pain kind of severe.

It breaks my heart each time I have to change her diaper and I don’t see it getting better. My bright idea was to let her go without a diaper. She was tickled and I have to admit it was really cute to see her crawling around naked as a jaybird. About 45 minutes in I think I’m lucky she hasn’t peed everywhere, or worse, poo’d! So I put her in the crib. There’s a waterproof mattress in there, perfect!

She’s playing happily, then it’s time for her bottle. I give it to her (I know I’m living on the edge) and she’s still pantsless. She finishes and then I see her stare past me concentrating, then I hear the tap-tap-tap…she peed. Of course, and I actually think it’s pretty funny. So, I rinse her and wonder how long I need to let her go commando to dry off…

My sister, who is still on the phone with me says, well you know she won’t pee for a while, so just let her air dry before you put the diaper back on. I think, cool, she has 4 kids (yes, I said four!), she totally knows what she’s talking about.

Well, I go back in the room, maybe 10 minutes later and say SHIT!! My sister corrects me and says, uh, crap. I said no, literally shit! I gotta go – bye! The poor baby is trying to figure out what it is, on all fours with her hands in it, and it’s on her leg plus about everywhere else. While I’m petrified that her hand will go in her mouth. I scoop her up, rinse and repeat everything all over again, but this time include the diaper.

Whew…what a day – already!

So, I took a picture (surprise!). It’s below…anyone with a weak stomach stop reading now!

The blanket is covering the first pee spot. See the second on the left? Poor bunny.
You can’t get upset, even at that mess, when you see this face.

My final words on this is the title of this post, POO ALWAYS GETS THE LAST WORD.

8 thoughts on “Poo Always Has The Last Word”

  1. Haha. I love it. We did that once or trice as well and were never as lucky as you. Hope you guys have a great holidays.


  2. I said she wouldn’t pee and I was right! I didn’t say anything about poo. 😉 Just wait until she is big enough to make it into a ball and play golf around the hallway – that’s what mine did. Fun times! Good thing it was Grandma’s (white) carpet and not mine!

    1. Ummm…you didn’t read the captions. She did pee again! There’s a wet spot on the left. And if you look closely (I know you so want to do that) it seems that she peed while pooing sitting down on the mattress. Fun times! I don’t blame you, it was just a funny part to the story. 🙂

      1. Well, kids always pee when they poo. At least it was contained in the crib! And no thanks, I won’t look that close. 😉

  3. They love diaper-free time! My LO usually pees like 3 times in 30 minutes!! Try pure, organic, coconut oil on her bum – it works wonders…

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