Thanksgiving Final

Here we are at the final post for our Thanksgiving, are you excited? I know I’m starting to feel a bit better about it.

With this one I thought I would give you an update on our health. I was a hacking nightmare the whole time, and let me tell you that isn’t fun for anyone when you are sharing a room with a 7 month old and your husband. L.L. had a double ear infection and somehow got to the point where she only jerked a little when I coughed through the night. It was lovely and I’m sure that our hosts thought we were plagued.

However, even with all that we refused to let it defeat us. We had a lovely holiday with some great friends, even hitting shops on Black Friday It’s not so bad when you are in San Luis, they don’t have as many people to fight with for parking. I did find that I think Black Friday is now bogus. There really aren’t any sales to be had unless you are there in the middle of the night and even then they are very limited. I used to love Black Friday and have fond memories of planning the shopping attack and getting up early with my family to get in on all the great deals. I even chuckle at the memories of my dad sitting (as patiently as he could) on the chairs outside of the dressing rooms, waiting for us girls to choose all those clothes we wouldn’t see until Christmas day under the tree.

Then, on our last day we ventured to Morrow Bay. It is in the opposite direction of San Luis to Los Osos, or at least that is what if felt like when we were driving. This is a place that Gil and I visited on our drive up to Big Sur a number of years ago to attend our friend’s wedding (the ones we were visiting). It’s a cute little town and I even ended up with some new flip flops. To my disappointment I decided not to get some Toms that I have really wanted for some time now. My husband even offered to pay for them – what was I thinking!? I thought I was being good and putting off purchasing them until later to see if I could find them on sale. Now I still don’t have new kicks and I’m kicking myself, for ‘being good’. Even Gil was shocked when I put them back. I’m currently shaking my head at my decision.

Of course, I took some pictures when we walked around the huge rock in Morrow Bay. Here they are, because what would a post be without images?

And one more note about my hacking. I had bronchitis! With meds I got over it, but also gave L.L. a respiratory infection to go along with her ear infections we are still fighting now. Lovely. At least we had a great holiday.