Hubby’s Birthday Bash!

Since this is our first year celebrating everything with L.L. and it’s all been an experiment. This year we decided we would have a little party for Gil’s birthday, and I can’t tell you how excited I was. You see, he NEVER lets ME plan something like that. Of course, he decides to acquiesce when I no longer have all the time in the world to plan!

So, I put together an evite (in all that spare time I have) and we had a party on our hands! We had a cake and some finger food with lots of our good friends. It was a delightful night and I hope that we can get everyone together a bit more often.


What’s a party without a few kiddos!?
Sweetheart Baby Boy with Daddy
Miracles do happen, and he can hold babies!
Old roomies with the baby, look what she’s eye’n up!
Domingo get some pretty girl love’n
Some of the guys.
Strike a pose, people!
Birthday Daddy and L.L.
Two Sweethearts
More party goers!
She’s so interested in that one! Watch out, Daddy, you might have a handful there.
Everyone wants to be in a picture with L.L. (as they should)!
New Momma with her cutie pie!
The OB Crew!
My German Lady.
Everyone loves a birthday boy.
I finally remembered the cake!
There were still a few people around.
He was so surprised he spilled his beer.
Makeshift candle – toothpick with some wax on it, perfect!
Almost Birthday Twins
Someone likes Tres Leches Cake…

And there ya have it! Loads of fun and we were even in bed at midnight with everything cleaned up. That’s how you throw a party with kids, folks!



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  1. LOVE that cake! you two still have great style with a lil one … you belong in the record books … I MISS you Gwen!

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