Zoo Day

The other weekend we had a fun filled day with some great friends. We decided to go to the Zoo and can’t wait to hang out with them again. I took some pictures, of course, and here they are!

Another Daddy and Baby
Crystal Baby Eyes
Whoa, whoa – who said I was done, here?
Proud Papa’s with their little ones. *Notice L.L. creepin in on the other Papa, kiddo’s eyein’ her up – he’s no dummy!*
teeny tiny human
L.L. gettin’ some love.
Momma with L.L.
About to feed the giraffes!
Feeding the giraffes – she’s looking at YOU, kid!
pretty animals
Another Momma with L.L.
Playtime for the girls!
Now it’s time to eat!
Of course, we have to burp, too…
Now, we can RELAX, ahhhhh… Wait, Momma seems like she’s got something brewing in that expression.
Where’s the smiles, boys?


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