52 Reasons

This week started off amazing, I got to meet Lisa Loeb! Then, I got to see Mumford and Sons’ in concert. Bam-Bam, just like that – two days in row. Just as quickly it went down hill. So, I figured that a warm fuzzy blog post was in order. Especially since part of the bad

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Do You Valentine?

What to say about my Valentine’s Day… Well, first off I was sick. I had bee warding off something for about a week, I truly thought I had it under control. You see, my husband does this mind over matter thing and it actually works for him, he rarely ever gets sick. I can be

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The Day Of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!                       Yesterday, I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of tulips from my thoughtful husband. I was overjoyed! Today, I still want to take pictures and stare at them. Obviously, I like Valentine’s Day. I don’t get bogged down with the “Hallmark

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