My New Treasure

As you know, we had a very special birthday this past weekend. You also know that we had a big bash with tons of goodies and amazing guests. What I didn’t mention is how generous all these guests were.

Friday was L.L.’s official birthday and we started off the with five packages just for her. One from Ohio, one from Denver, one from Florida, one from New York City and one from Pittsburgh (WOW!). Thoughtfulness knows no bounds with this bunch. All of them were awesome gifts, but I have to say that my favorite will probably end up being the “One Love” book that my sister sent. You all know the Bob Marley song, right? Well, that is it and I have no doubt that there will be numerous nights where we sing along with that one.

Plus, we can’t forget our visitors from Denver either. That was a very special, as L.L. loves all people close to her size. We love being able to spend time with our extended family.

I’m sure you can imagine the big score was on Saturday. With all of the running around, cooking, decorating, visiting and celebrating I couldn’t bring myself to open the gifts while everyone was there. Plus, I didn’t think that L.L. could handle it either. So, we waited until the next day. It was very fun for me, and started out fun for L.L., while I think Gil just enjoyed watching us have fun with it. L.L. lost interest part of the way through and only wanted to gnaw on the packaged candy that she received. She started gaining more interest as toys came out with flashing lights, buttons and fun sounds.

For this part I did manage to take pictures so I will let those tell the rest of the story.

Thank you Mr. Brent!
Another good one, from Brent.
Even Mom + Dad were excited about this one.
Thank you Williams Family! I love my new singing book.
Who doesn’t love Sleeping Beauty? Thank you Miss Karen!
She can’t wait to have her own tunnel and house to play in! Thank you Mrs. Victoria! (and my awesome outfit – Momma’s jealous of that one!)
Her own cupcake hat! Thank you Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Jeremy for bringing it all the way down to SD! (and my recordable storybook!)
Thank you Petanovich Family – I’ve been banging on my little bench for days now!
This is as close to opening gifts as we got!
Rip that paper little girl!
Reading her card…Thank you Miss Lolita for the pretty outfit!
The ‘peace’ bag is almost as big as me! (Notice, the wrapped candy she loved so much in her hands?)
Reading her home made card, so thoughtful.
YAY – a blanket for the park!
Thank you Rachel and Jonathan + baby girl! Is it time for the park now?
All these buttons! But this wrapping is so yummy…thank you Margo!
Domingo had to get in on the fun – such a serious pose.
So many new toys! Thank you Razon Family for the Light Up Phone!
Fun alphabet blocks! Thank you Miss Grace and Mr. Drew!
Ok, now I can play with the lady bug.
Fun zoom-zoom cars! Thank you Miss Kathie!
I’m protecting my treasure.
Now for some fun! I think they know I’m all business.
Such amazing friends! Can you feel the love?

A last little thank you’s go out to…

Mr. Paul and Ms. Celine for the fun ball and pool floatie!
Miss Kat for The Little Mermaid movie!
Mr. Russ and Miss Kim + baby for all the pretty clothes and my thermos! (she drank out of it immediately)
Miss Arlene and Mr. Nate + sweetheart for the yellow dress and Easter goodies!
Miss Mary for my birthday book and super cool outfit!
Miss Danielle for the gift card! (she can’t wait to hit the mall again)
Miss Krysta + family for my cool clothes, shoes and teddy bear bank! (Momma really loves that last one)
Miss Ali for my new swim suits! (Can’t wait to swim in your pool this summer!)
Miss Lynz + family for my SD Book! (It will always remind us of our Canadian friends.)
Miss Ali for my LapTrac!
Auntie Amy + family for my name painting! (It’s perfect in my room!)
Grammy + Poppi for my Learning Doggie! (I play with him everyday now!)
Granny + Grandpops for my future learning!
Auntie Cori for visiting me, new hair clips and bath toys!
Auntie Rachel + boys for my Bob Marley One Love book!

See what I’m saying, this little girl is MUCHO LOVED! xx

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  1. Aww that was such a cute post! She looks so excited! You guys have awesome friends! Can’t wait to come over and play 😀

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