The Day Of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tulips for Love












Yesterday, I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of tulips from my thoughtful husband. I was overjoyed! Today, I still want to take pictures and stare at them.

Obviously, I like Valentine’s Day. I don’t get bogged down with the “Hallmark Holiday” remarks or the “fake holiday” comments. I agree, it’s not a day we need to celebrate, but isn’t it nice that we can? We all mean to make our partners or family members or friends feel loved, but does that really happen everyday? For most, I think not. So, it’s nice to have a day dedicated to it. A day that makes us aware it’s the small things that give your eyes a sparkle.

My husband and I don’t go out, but we do plan a special meal at home and just enjoy making the other one feel special. For me, that is the point, and I love it!

Now, get out there and make someone feel good about themselves. It doesn’t have to be a day that’s only for couples, either. It’s what you make of it and I say make the most out of it, because love is something to be shared.