Our Valentine's Day

As we all know, Valentine’s Day just passed; the day to celebrate love. I wrote a little post with my thoughts on the day, and now I thought I would share how we celebrate with each other.

It all started with our first Valentine’s Day together, 5 years ago. We were newly into the relationship and neither of us ever bought into making it a big expensive night at a fancy restaurant, or whatever else a lot of people like to do. So, we decided that we would do a dinner at home. My future husband made arrangements with his roommates so we could have some privacy. He moved the one table they had outside into the dining room, got a table cloth, pulled out his Tallavera from the garage and moved his chiminea to the glass door so we were sitting by a fire. It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me and I was highly impressed. He had also gotten flowers and a sweet card that were in the corner of the room displayed behind his seat at the table. Then came the meal; three courses of deliciousness made just be him, which included dessert. Now the dessert was extra special because he knew that I loved cheesecake, so he decided on individual cheesecakes with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit topping! (he’s from Texas) Super cuteness, right!?

I loved it — all! 

With that started our tradition of a “fancy” dinner at home. We have been taking turns since then, but this year we decided to split it up. Really, that is because I just can’t wait until 8 p.m. to eat dinner at 32 weeks pregnant. Since it was his turn, he did the meal and I did the dessert. It was all still very sweet and perfect for us — a special romantic meal at home, with Domingo.

Setting Up The Table









Our little prince












Table with Appetizer - Stuffed Mushrooms









Second Course - Stuffed Salmon with Broccoli













Our Table with Second Course Added









Dessert - Chocolate Covered Strawberries









G + G (just like our wedding)









As you can see we had a tasty dinner and I can’t believe how well the strawberries turned out! I will have to make those more often. Now onto the last part – gifts!

The day before Valentine’s Day I got a gorgeous bouquet of tulips delivered. I love getting flowers! 

My tulips









Before dinner I put a card at his place setting. That was the extra sappy part. Included in the card was a promise to take him to the movies, my treat. With popcorn or candy treat — I couldn’t resist!

Card and a Movie












That was that! It’s our Valentine’s Day in a blog post. Simple romance.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day, too.

4 thoughts on “Our Valentine's Day”

  1. Aww, so cute. We’re going to the movies too… tomorrow night. My man is taking his two best girls. Can not wait!! It is my favorite date ever!!

    1. You are right! It was a great night. Every time Valentine’s Day rolls around we have normally fallen out of our eating at the table routine and say we need to do it more often, rather than in front of the tv. So, we are back to making that effort and it really is better. xo (7more weeks to go!)

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