32 Weeks!

Hello folks! We have now made it to 32 weeks and 4 days, are you as excited as we are!?

I have to admit that I cannot believe the pregnancy is going by as fast as it is. When I woke up on Sunday I was a little taken aback at how the time has gone by so quickly. Remembering back on taking that first home pregnancy test I still have those feelings of disbelief that this is even happening.

As we get ready for the our little one’s arrival and it’s sometime overwhelming, but in a good manageable way. Excitement, anticipation, day dreaming, all the stuff that new expected parents do, we are there…and I stand there in wonderment of how life has turned out so rosy. Sure, we have things that we have to overcome and there are a lot of times when I’m frustrated and feel like the world is against me, but really I have it pretty good. A wonderful husband, supportive family, cutest dog (ever), friends (whom even from afar make me feel special and loved) and now we are about to be parents.

They say being a parent is the greatest and most challenging thing that can happen in your lifetime. I’m ready and I feel I can speak freely for my husband that, he is too. The fullness of our lives gets better and better each day and I can’t wait for the new chapters to be written.


the bump, in all it's glory
the classic pose

4 thoughts on “32 Weeks!”

    1. Thanks so much, sweets! I can’t wait to tell everyone, just a little bit longer. Miss and love you tons!
      p.s. thanks so much for commenting and keeping up with the blog. means a lot. xo

  1. Aww…. well, you know I always read your posts! Just not always good about commenting… But love knowing what’s going on with you as a result! Sending you large amounts of love and support!

  2. Look at you in all your bump glory!

    I’m so glad you enjoying this special time in your life. You deserve it! I’m so glad everything is all coming together for you in a wonderful package!

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