Memorial Day Weekend

June 6, 2012 by gwendolyn

Here I am, behind the curve, again! It’s okay tho, right? I have so much I want to post, it’s kind of frustrating that I don’t have the time anymore. The silver lining is all the good stuff that life brings to keep us happy with the things we do have time for.

So, here it is. We were incredibly busy this weekend –  Each day we had an outing, which was very good for Momma. She likes to get out and see friends, since she is a social butterfly and all…

Plus, L.L. did so well with all of it and I am getting the hang of feeding her while we are out. At least that is what I like to tell myself. I will consider myself 100% successful when I don’t have to go to another room and hide.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I will do that now and explain with captions. Keep this one short and maybe I can get a few written sooner! Enjoy.

L.L. snuggled in her carrier

Great Friends!

The Gang at the Shrimp Boil Table

Leftovers – didn’t anyone tell you not to play with your food?

Love from L.L.

Even the boys can’t resist.


In her holiday getup with Daddy!

L.L. and Momma


He still knows how to work it.

Beach Day!

We are pretty sure she already loves the beach!

Happy Girl!

The Gang at The Beach

Family Picture!

Our First Little One

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Holiday Baking!

December 14, 2011 by gwendolyn

This past weekend I decided that I was going to make some sugar-y goodies! You see, normally, my mom would do all this for us. However, she decided to take a pass this year, and we couldn’t manage a total pass. SO, I got to work and now we have half batches to devour, with the other half waiting in the freezer!

Here are our favorites for the season:

All are made from scratch and are AMAZING! (If I do say so myself)

What are some of your favorite goodies for this time of year?

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Ornaments Of My Childhood

December 6, 2011 by gwendolyn

Since I mentioned my childhood ornaments in my last post I decided to take pictures and share most of them. Hopefully, they will remind you of what you did as a kid. Every year these ornaments give me the warm fuzzies, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cheers!

These were always my favorites when I was a kid. My sister has one just like my baby bell, too.

Most of these are from my voice teacher in high school. I still cherish them and her.

Wasn't I cute back then?

Please leave some sentiments in the comment section if they make you think of something from your younger years.

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Decking The Condo

December 6, 2011 by gwendolyn

We have a small condo, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be festive! When we first moved in we decided to invest in an artificial tree. In previous years, I had paid for planted trees that I would use through the holiday and then donate. (I don’t like the idea of paying a lot for one that is cut down and will, eventually, be thrown away.) Each year, we have been extremely happy we have our perfectly slim tree that goes perfectly with our “just our size” condo! It’s pre lit — which means, we can easily “Deck the Condo!”

Most of the ornaments are from when I was a kid, which we both love b/c they are more sentimental. Plus, now that we have a little one on the way, there will be new additions coming soon.

Here are some pics so you can see everything. Hope everyone has begun their holiday season and is enjoying all the fun festivities; like decorating your home.


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