Holiday Baking!

This past weekend I decided that I was going to make some sugar-y goodies! You see, normally, my mom would do all this for us. However, she decided to take a pass this year, and we couldn’t manage a total pass. SO, I got to work and now we have half batches to devour, with the other half waiting in the freezer!

Here are our favorites for the season:

All are made from scratch and are AMAZING! (If I do say so myself)


What are some of your favorite goodies for this time of year?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Baking!”

  1. Wow! Look at you! I went to a cookie swap party so I ended up with a gagillion different types. I brought Almond Joy cookies. Pretty yummy! Snickerdoodles must be my favorite, though, or peanut butter, or … Do I have to pick just one?

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