Traditional Tree Decorating

This year we were in a bit of a pickle with all things ‘Christmas Decor.’ You see, we do not have all of our belongings in San Antonio. Last spring we packed up two U-Boxes with approximately half our possessions before staging the condo for optimal sales tactics. Then, we packed up the rest in a moving truck and that is all that we have had since.

The two U-Boxes are still in San Diego and won’t arrive until we move into a permanent residence.

The plan was optimal for cost and we thought that we were packing the things we wouldn’t need for the next year, but there were some items we didn’t think about. Of course! At times it has been a source of stress and pain, but I think we have managed quite well, considering.

One of the things we didn’t include was holiday decor, but it’s good we didn’t because we packed that truck to the gills. The friends who helped us, on that busy day, ended up with a pile of “new possessions” and our neighbors got our beloved plants.

So, when it came time to decorate the tree we realized we didn’t have a thing! Gil got ornaments from Costco and I went to the dollar store and Target for the rest. It all worked out and we got our cozy decorated tree vibe for the season.

Next year when we finally get all of our things (fingers crossed!) we will have enough to decorate two trees. Guess there really can be a bonus in all situations!

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