Christmas, 2020

This year Christmas looked different for us, just like it did most of the world. We didn’t plan on much other than the regular stuff: presents, food with R&R. It ended up being a really wonderful day and I enjoyed the slow pace of it all.

Gil and I woke up before the kids. It was a surprise because typically kids get up at the butt crack of dawn on this momentous day from excitement. I fully expected a wake up at 5am, but it didn’t come. Sweet!

Seems the zoo did them in. Lucky us!

When the kids opened their eyes they were ready to open presents and so were we — coffee in hand and quiche in the oven. The kids took turns opening gifts and we all enjoyed watching. The one difference was that when they opened their gifts, they immediately wanted to play with them and we were cool with that.

So, unwrapping presents took H-O-U-R-S! We ate breakfast and then a Costco lasagna and mac-n-cheese all the while opening gifts and playing with them. It was absolutely lovely and relaxing.

After that, we watched the new movie Soul. Enjoyment for the whole family! I know Cecito would highly recommend it because he asked to watch it again, and then again for the next few following days.

I know this is really late, but I hope all of our friends and family were able to enjoy the day in such a relaxing manner. We definitely felt connected and together with our family of 4 (+1 for sweet Domingo).

Now that you have seen the uber fun part, here is a funny one:

LL got the horse to go along with her favorite doll, it’s exactly what she wanted, and was over the moon (photo above). Then, she opened the accessories that consisted of a wheelchair, cast, crutches, etc… Well, her Dad immediately said, “Oh good, now you can pretend your doll got bucked from the horse and she is all set with a wheelchair and cast.”

Everyone in the room LOL’d except for LL: