Christmas Eve at the San Antonio Zoo

For the next few posts, we are going back in time. We had a lot of fun with holiday activities I want to share with you. It was difficult to reserve blogging time while the all of it was going on, so here we are. I now have time to share! Lucky you and even luckier, ME!

Christmas Eve is normally when families gather together, but we weren’t living remotely close to family. So we took this time as an opportunity to make our own tradition. We decided to do something outside of the home and outside of our normal activities. Visit a place that is typically super crowded, full of joy, and over the top with holiday decorations; only on this day, it would be less crowded. At least, that is what we were banking on — and we were RIGHT!

For the next several years this is what we did and we LOVED it! It was our chance to utilize the free veteran tickets for Sea World that we had or include a Legoland Hotel visit from our family Christmas gift list.

Only this year things were different. We were in a new city, COVID was on the rise, and Gil was scheduled to work. Keeping with our tradition, the kids and I planned our own adventure and set our sights on the San Antonio Zoo. We wore masks all day (even when outside), saw any of the animals that we could find, and experienced all that the zoo had to offer. Lights from Whataburger, and all!

We had the most lovely day together. It’s not the San Diego Zoo, but really, what is? That place holds a multitude of memories for all of us: the start of becoming a mom, refuge for a toddler and mom while her 9 week-old goes into surgery, many Outdoor Class sessions, countless Jungle Bells nights, December Nights on Skyfari, Nighttime Zoo during the summer and so many friend meet-ups that it became our beloved neighborhood playground.

There is a great history for us with the San Diego Zoo and I am hopeful that we will find the same with the San Antonio Zoo. It was a magical day and we are looking forward to going again, with Dada.