Family Celebration for 2021

Alrighty, I am almost done catching everyone up on our holiday events! (I wrote this back in January – oops!) This one was most definitely a huge success. Like most things this past year, we didn’t have any plans for ringing in the new year, but I didn’t feel like just letting it slip on by, so we had ourselves a little family party!

The kids and I got “dressed up.” Set out treats to munch on. Then, settled in to watch the Avett Brothers streaming concert. The kids had no idea what a concert was, so I had to field a slew of questions about what we were watching, but after all of that we danced, sang along and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Dada joined us around 8:30pm, after work and quickly got into the celebratory mood! Which was essential since we not only had our first at home concert experience for the family, but also an indoor piñata to dominate.

And, dominate, we did!

It was so much fun to enjoy the evening together. After all of this big fun we all made it to midnight ringing in the new year together as a family. Then, we got the excited, yet tired, pair of kiddos off to bed.

Not long after, Gil and I called it, looking forward to what the new year would bring. Happy new year 2021 (in April)!