Christmas, 2015

Okie dokie! Our Christmas wasn’t very eventful but I got great pictures, so I figured those are worth a post. We woke up with Cecito and had to wait for LL about 20 minutes. She’s started sleeping later these days, and by later I mean 7am. We opened gifts and got a little surprise. Cecito

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Road Trip, 2015

Our road trip to South Lake, Tahoe… We started off as early as we could get on the road. We let the kids sleep until they naturally woke up, ate breakfast and hit the road. Planned to keep our driving to 5 hours or less each day. Gil researched pit stops and fun tourist things to experience. I

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South Lake Tahoe

If you didn’t know we went to South Lake, Tahoe this summer. It was our first family of four vacation. Our first long road trip. Gil planned it. AND we all had an amazing time. It’s hard to think back to July and remember everything, but I can tell you this: when we came home

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